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Graph Name Retrieved From View
workflow graph EMG pipeline v3.0 (single end version)


Path: workflows/emg-pipeline-v3.cwl

Branch/Commit ID: 0cd2d70

workflow graph cmsearch-multimodel.cwl


Path: workflows/cmsearch-multimodel.cwl

Branch/Commit ID: 5e82174

workflow graph zip_and_index_vcf.cwl

This is a very simple workflow of two steps. It will zip an input VCF file and then index it. The zipped file and the index file will be in the workflow output.


Path: zip_and_index_vcf.cwl

Branch/Commit ID: 1.0.0

workflow graph 01-qc-se.cwl

RNA-seq 01 QC - reads: SE


Path: v1.0/RNA-seq_pipeline/01-qc-se.cwl

Branch/Commit ID: master

workflow graph merge_filter.cwl


Path: CWL/workflow_modules/merge_filter.cwl

Branch/Commit ID: master

workflow graph QIIME2 Step 1

QIIME2 Import and Demux Step 1


Path: packed/qiime2-step1-import-demux.cwl

Branch/Commit ID: qiime2-workflow-paired

Packed ID: main

workflow graph wf_trim_partial_and_map_se.cwl

This workflow takes in appropriate trimming params and demultiplexed reads, and performs the following steps in order: trimx1, trimx2, fastq-sort, filter repeat elements, fastq-sort, genomic mapping, sort alignment, index alignment, namesort, PCR dedup, sort alignment, index alignment


Path: cwl/wf_trim_partial_and_map_se.cwl

Branch/Commit ID: master

workflow graph functional analysis prediction with InterProScan


Path: workflows/functional_analysis.cwl

Branch/Commit ID: fa86fce

workflow graph pcr-bottleneck-coef.cwl

ChIP-seq - map - PCR Bottleneck Coefficients


Path: v1.0/map/pcr-bottleneck-coef.cwl

Branch/Commit ID: v1.0

workflow graph LSU-from-tablehits.cwl


Path: tools/LSU-from-tablehits.cwl

Branch/Commit ID: f914942