Workflow: A CGP workflow to generate checksum of an interleaved fastq

Fetched 2021-01-13 07:25:17 GMT

A workflow to generate checksums of FastQ files and a interleaved FastQ from them. See the [workflow-seq-import]( website for more information.

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ID Type Title Doc
fastq_in File

The gzipped interleaved fastq file to import.

put_address String (Optional)

Optional PUT address to send JSON results of checksums

put_headers String[] (Optional)

Optional headers to send with JSON results


ID Runs Label Doc
in_chksum (CommandLineTool)
CGP file checksum generator

![build_status]( A Docker container for producing file md5sum and sha512sum. See the [dockstore-cgp-chksum]( website for more information.

toolkit/string_to_file.cwl (CommandLineTool)
if_input_is_bz2_generate_md5sum_else_return_input_chksum_json If Input file 1 has bz2 extension generate md5sum from input file 2 else returns input chksum json
toolkit/if_input_is_bz2_convert_to_gz_else_just_rename.cwl (CommandLineTool)
toolkit/results_manifest.cwl (ExpressionTool)


ID Type Label Doc
interleaved_fastq_out File
results_manifest File
chksum_json File
chksum_put_server_response File (Optional)