Workflow: wf_full_IDR_pipeline_2inputs_sample.cwl

Fetched 2021-01-09 04:29:24 GMT

This workflow essentially restructures the inputs before sending to wf_full_IDR_pipeline_2inputs.cwl

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ID Type Title Doc
rep2_merged_peaks_bed_from_cc String
rep1_merged_peaks_bed_from_cc String
species String
split_peaks_custombed String
rep2_merged_peaks_custombed_from_cc String
split_peaks_bed String
rep1_merged_peaks_custombed_from_cc String


ID Runs Label Doc

The main workflow that: produces two reproducible peaks via IDR given two eCLIP samples (1 input, 1 IP each). runs the 'rescue ratio' statistic runs the 'consistency ratio' statistic

parse_sample_IDR.cwl (ExpressionTool)

This expressiontool parses an IDR record sample object into distinct reads


ID Type Label Doc
rep1_entropy_bed File
rep1_compressed_bed File
rep2_entropy_bed File
rescue_ratio File
rep2_input_normed_bed File
reproducible_peaks File
rep1_input_read_num File
rep1_entropy_excess_reads File
rep2_input_normed_full File
rep2_reproducing_peaks_full File
rep2_clip_read_num File
rep2_entropy_full File
rep2_input_read_num File
rep2_entropy_excess_reads File
rep2_idr_output_input_normed_full File
self_consistency_ratio File
rep1_entropy_full File
idr_output File
rep2_idr_output_input_normed_bed File
rep1_reproducing_peaks_full File
rep2_compressed_bed File
rep1_input_normed_bed File
rep1_idr_output_input_normed_full File
rep1_idr_output_input_normed_bed File
rep1_clip_read_num File
idr_output_bed File
rep1_input_normed_full File