Workflow: EMG pipeline v4.0 (paired end version)

Fetched 2021-01-14 12:58:45 GMT
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ID Type Title Doc
ncRNA_ribosomal_models File[]
mapseq_taxonomy_otu_table File
go_summary_config File
mapseq_ref File [FASTA]
ncRNA_ribosomal_model_clans File
sequencing_run_id String
mapseq_taxonomy File
reads File [FASTQ]
ncRNA_other_models File[]
ncRNA_other_model_clans File


ID Runs Label Doc
unified_processing EMG core analysis
trim_and_reformat_reads Trim and reformat reads (single and paired end version)


ID Type Label Doc
go_summary File
match_count Integer
numberOrfs Integer
stats_reads File
qc_stats_gc_pcbin File
qc_stats_seq_len_bin File
LSU_sequences File
interproscan File
qc_stats_nuc_dist File
no_functions_seqs File
other_ncRNAs File
numberReadsWithOrf Integer
predicted_CDS File
CDS_with_match_count Integer
5S_sequences File
qc_stats_seq_len_pbcbin File
qc_stats_gc File
reads_with_match_count Integer
qc_stats_seq_len File
pCDS_seqs File
readsWithOrf File
SSU_sequences File
processed_nucleotide_reads File
qc_stats_gc_bin File
ssu_classifications File
qc_stats_summary File
go_summary_slim File
functional_annotations File